CLAIM:  Billy Meier Published Photographs Of Either A Fiery Space Ship Or Burning Static Electricity

FINDINGS:  Photographs Are Actually Of What Appears To Be Burning Steel Wool

In Michael Horn’s film, The Silent Revolution Of Truth, there appears this segment around 39 minutes in:

This section is about a photograph taken by Guido Moosbrugger who describes it as a “fiery red big disk” with “glittering drizzle that rained down from that disk.”  Here is that photo:

Here is an enlargement of the above image that clearly reveals a man standing in the center of the ring with his arm raised above his head:

Now, here is a picture from a friend of mine that is also a “fiery red big disk” with “glittering drizzle”:

And here is a picture that clearly demonstrates how the “fiery red big disk” with “glittering drizzle” is created by a person and is not an extra-terrestrial spacecraft:

No special or visual effects of any kind were needed for, or added to, these pictures.

Here is what you need to do in order to create your own “fiery red big disk” with “glittering drizzle.” Take some steel wool and put it into some type of metal cage attached to a rope or chain. Then light the steel wool with a match or lighter. Yes, steel wool will burn that easily. Then twirl the cage containing the burning steel wool over your head and make sure that no one is standing within range of the burning steel and slag as it flies around.  Finally, have someone take a picture of you doing this.

After we posted the above images on the message board Michael Horn said that the picture used in his film was not of the Fire Ship that Guido Moosbrugger was describing.  Even though when you watch the segment it is very clear that is exactly what they were describing when they showed those images during the film.  Horn says that is was actually a photo of “burning static electricity” coming off one of the Plejaran beamships and that Meier was holding up a microphone to record the sound.  Horn says that the proof of this was because Meier’s hand appeared to be still while the hand of the person I showed was blurry.  Here is another shot of the guy burning steel wool with a steady hand:

Michael Horn also stated that it could not possibly have been burning steel wool because there were no sparks hitting the ground in Meier’s photograph.  Well, there may be fewer sparks in the Meier shot than in the shots I have chosen to show, but there are sparks here:

and here:

This is another example of Billy Meier apparently not expecting people to know how the images in his photographs could be realized and published them as “evidence” of being contact from extra-terrestrials.

There was no video recorded of my friend's burning steel wool demonstration, but I have found this video on YouTube which demonstrates it:


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