CLAIM:  Billy Meier Published Photographs Of Dinosaurs That He Claims Were From A Trip He Took Into The Distant Past

FINDINGS:  Photographs Are Actually Of An Illustration From A Book About Dinosaurs

Billy Meier claims to have traveled onboard one of the Plejaran beamships from time to time.  During one of these alleged trips the Plejarans traveled back in time to the age of the dinosaurs.  Meier then released this photograph as proof of his traveling back in time:

If this really was a live action picture of a Pteranodon catching, or releasing, prey then it would be amazing.  However, it isn’t.  It is actually a photograph of this illustration:

As you can see the Meier photograph of the dinosaur is the same as the illustration, albeit in much lower quality and resolution.

This illustration is by Zdenek Burian and was published in 1972 in the book Life Before Man, which was written by Zdenek V. Spinar. This book was first published in Prague.  It is possible that Meier thought it would be an obscure enough of a book that no one would notice.  However, it was picked up by the British publishing company of Thames & Hudson and was then published throughout the world.

I am not certain where Meier first published his photograph of a dinosaur, but it has never been denied as being an authentic Meier photograph by Meier or any of his proponents.

July 2011 Update

In July 2005 Billy Meier released FIGU Special Bulletin Number 20, in which he makes the claim that this photograph of his was a forgery perpetrated by the "Men In Black" and that his extra-terrestrial contact, Quetzal, had destroyed all of the original photographic materials in response to the MIB's actions.


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